Burden Me

by Burden Me

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    Recorded in Argyle, Texas at 222 Productions.
    Produced by Daniel Schmuck
    Special Thanks goes out to Colton Venner, without you there would be no Burden Me.

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Burden Me wants to thank Statues, Decades, Messengers, To The Top, Modern Pain, and everyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth hardcore scene. We've never felt more thankful and gracious for support in any prior projects. We'd also like to thank Colton Venner for all the hard work he put in last year and Hillary Head for shooting the album art. Daniel Schmuck produced exactly what I have envisioned for this project, so a huge thank you goes out to him.


released April 22, 2011

Jason Arp - Vocals/Guitar
Kelly Carpenter - Vocals/Guitar
Sammy Mapula - Vocals/Bass
Graham Slota - Drums



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Burden Me Fort Worth, Texas

Four kids with no direction.

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Track Name: Drowned Out
Stuck in my head
I can't move on
Trapped by thoughts of you
I wish they were gone

Because these dreams, they feel like nightmares
And i can't wake up
And everything you never did for me
Still won't be enough

And lately I've, I've been thinking
I'm losing touch, I've been sinking
Patience gone, My mind is drowning
Can't hold on, But im still breathing

Time after time
Things never seem to change
Maybe I'm just being selfish
But things never go my way

And I'll be just fine
When your out of my mind
Track Name: Out of Luck
"We've been stuck in this rut.
My mind is running in circles.
This feeling's getting worse.
But I'm here to tell you, that you're not alone."

I don't believe in luck, but I'd bet on all my cards not a word you said was true.
I don't trust you, I wouldn't trust your words even if they read true.
Liar, liar, I'm growing tired, as three words turn to ash in my hand.
Liar, liar, your sayings have expired, and the scent of your breath, it must leave I command.
The cold air on the first night, the weather and my soul had a fight.
(It's killing me, It's killing me)
Not physically, but it's wearing on me mentally.
(I must let go, I must let go)
Let this go.

I asked myself, "How did I end up here?"
I questioned my reason, I hated the season.

"I'm a soul with no home.
I'm a soul lost in eyes.
I'm a soul with a purpose.
You hoped for my demise.
And you won't hear my voice.
I'm begging for my bitterness to flee.
I'm searching for a home.
You were the only home to me."

I'm waiting, and searching, only looking for.
Just trying, to find my way, my way back home.
Track Name: Deprogression (Empty Jars)
...and it's always on my mind.

I sit in bed at night, worrying about your safety.
How can I be so sure?
And were you honest, when you said you'd slow down?
How can I be so sure?
I sit in bed at night, looking to the sky.
Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?
And did you ever lie when you saw my eyes?
How can I be so sure?

Well it's not healthy to live this way.

I am the one that is holding me down.
I am the shackles that won't let me move around.
Track Name: Just Rust
Stuck in the waves of a rainstorm.
Searching for shelter, looking for the norm.
I turn my back to fate.
Stay in bed all day, I just rust away.

Cold down to my core, I fill myself with thoughts of a life left sore.
But let's not kid ourselves, you really should stay away,
And I'll stay behind, let the pain just rust away.

I fill myself with doubt.
I fill myself with hate.
I find no light in this.
I just rust away.