A Future Destroyed

by Burden Me

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released October 7, 2010

Burden Me is:
Colton Venner, Vocals
Kelly Carpenter, Guitar
Sammy Mapula, Bass
Jason Arp, Guitar
Graham Slota, Drums

Recorded at the Sovereign House in July of 2010
Mixed and Produced by Jason Arp



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Burden Me Fort Worth, Texas

Four kids with no direction.

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Track Name: A Future Destroyed
"I dread to encounter my fear, the ghost of my past it haunts me constantly. Twenty years, all I did was wimper. Forever fearful in consciousness and dreams. Twenty years, I stood feeling helpless. Forever fearful, I never said a word."
Track Name: Dances With Wolves
Dances With Wolves - The selfishness of a man who turns the hour to his disgusting storm. Theivery, poverty, the innocence of a young one torn. The night he crept in with no sound, he couldn't resist the temptation. The shots, they were heard all around. Cries, they were followed by cries. The child runs to hide. Tears, they went on for years. The clerk laid still while his lover's heart died. And the man walked away with his heart beating fast. Fled the scene, destroying three souls hopes and dreams. The storm never ceases to pass. Lightning, thunder crash. A heart, broken. A life, taken. A future, destroyed. And the man meets his new face.
Track Name: Vows In The Mirror
Vows in the Mirror - I ran, I ran to the sound. I saw him falling down. I saw the masked man taking everything I love. He jumped into a run, gripping tightly to his gun. He never looked back. He took my everything. He took all that I have. Murder, murder in the flesh. My love, a killing so fresh. He tore my heart from me. He thieved all of my soul. My love torn to pieces. He stole all I needed. You picked the wrong place the wrong time. Revenge, vengeance will soon be mine. Keep watch with these eyes. Consequences are coming fast. Let's make this last. And maybe one day I will look you in the eyes. Fear my face. Feel my wrath. One day you will finally have a chance to say. "Never will you ever see the sun again". This is the end.
Track Name: Shivered And Shaking
Shivered and Shaking - It came as quick as the blink of an eye. I saw the shots, I saw him die. Why? Please tell me why. I ran. I hid. I shivered. I shook. I heard the screams from the life that he took. This day tattooed in my mind. The woman, her tears, they fell to the floor. Still as a statue she smiled no more. Just let me go back. How can I ever cope with the pain. All roads I travel just lead to shame. And still, this day comes back again. Flee, I'm followed by misery. Run. All roads are closed. Where can I go? I lay awake every night. My covers covering my sight. I fear that I am the next to go. One man who bestowed this fear upon me. This fear in my sleep. This fear in my dreams. This fear in my sleep.
Track Name: New Home
New Home - I carry power in my hands. Try to move me where I stand. A solid fortress I take root in this very land. I crept in slow that evening. The clerk gave me greeting. But then my beast came out. "Give me your future, your fortune, everything you have. He smiled as I raised my gun and foolishly declined. I made a symphony of shots. Every note was played in tune. I filled my pockets with everything and headed for the door. I saw a child cold and scared. Hidden in the back I saw a woman on her knees. Crying from my attack. A cab took me home the very same evening. The driver said where shall I go. I said this day I will find my new home.
Track Name: Stains
Stains - Days turn to weeks. Weeks turn to years. The blood still stained his clothes. Stuck in his mind all the time. What a crime? This guilt was a crop it was freshly grown. Like a spider, he crept through the webs of his life. He crept back to his dithering night. He knew the line, he set the time. The next day his guilt would be no more. All three walked to the alley. The child, man. The woman, gray. The man, beaten to the core. Each stopped in an instant. They stared at his face. The child shivered and shook once more. The man held up his hand but the child shot until clicks rang out. The woman kicked as he fell. The man quivered and said "I know this is not what you want from me. All I wanted was to give my apology. I'll never take back the pain I caused, but I swear to you I am forever sorry."